OUR Companies


DreamIt Ventures - A fast-paced accelerator programs that combine exceptional people and their ideas with the funding, mentorship and support they need to build companies poised to succeed in the long-term.

HeavyWater -  Building a new community that redefines the role of technology in the workplace through an intelligent automation platform to perform work the way you want it done.

Carevive Carevive Systems is a clinician-led company that builds patient engagement tools to support the oncology team's delivery of quality cancer care.

Cooley & CooleyGo #1 law firm for tech and life sciences IPOs. Represents 20% of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2016, including 6 of the top 10.


AG Strategic Design -  We offer consulting services to institutions in need of digital solutions.  We identify needs and help you design products that meet your strategic institutional goals. 

Choosito! - A search engine for education that specializes in identifying safe, age and skill appropriate content in the internet. 

enAble Games* - provides affordable, effective, revolutionary therapy for patients with neuromuscular disabilities, leveraging the latest motion capture technologies and game development tools.

epoXtal* - CMOS-Compatible Oxide Films for Tunable Microwave Technology.

Fitly^ - SmartPlate™ is the world's first intelligent plate that instantly analyzes everything you eat.

Haystack Informatics^ - By intelligently analyzing the interactions between hospital staff and patients, Haystack provides the privacy professional with a clear understanding of hospital workflows and user behavior. 

InstaDiagnostics* - Instadiagnostics Inc. is developing a rapid, quantitative, point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platform with the aim of bringing centralized laboratory testing to the patient’s bedside.

Low Re Tech We provide state-of-the-art underpinning mathematical modeling for a range of emerging low-Reynolds-number technologies.

MediScore Health - By uniting data analysts and physicians we are able to transform data assets into healthcare solutions that decrease disease progression. 

Metasense Digital Marketing Inc. - A full service website design, development and marketing firm.  The main focus is to provide clients the best in web based technology.

MicroSociety - MicroSociety International is a community building experience that helps students design and manage their own societies inside school asa strategy for developing global citizens, entrepreneurs, critical thinkers and problem solvers. 

Pulse Infoframe < - They use cloud based health informatics to connect clinical business intelligence to save time, save money and save lives. Canadian Technology Accelerator company. 

QuickBit ATM - QuickBit makes purchasing Bitcoin fast and easy, allowing users to securely exchange, trade, buy, or sell instantly with any person or entity across the globe.

Red Queen Gaming - Red Queen makes it easy to create tools designed for video game players, making game data accessible to toolmakers to create fun, exciting tools for the player community.



REGDesk^ - Connects medical technology companies with the world’s largest network of in-country, on-demand compliance expert in 140 counties eliminating delays & expenses in landing products globally.

Ristcall^ - Helps hospitals and nursing facilities to improve patient safety and satisfaction scores by updating traditional nurse call bell system with wearable devices.   

SensoryTech - A specialty provider of novel clinical service delivery models for managing high acuity patients outside of the hospital.

TriviaNote - TriviaNote is an online note-taking platform that transforms your class notes into games, trivia (challenge your friends!), notecards, and other study tools.

UE Life Science*- Develops innovative yet low-cost and easy to use medical devices for breast cancer detection for underserved populations like women in developing countries and women with dense breasts.

VitalTrax - Provides cloud based eCOA solutions built from the ground up for today's clinical trials.

WhyABike - BikeMate™ concierge service puts bikers, present and soon-to-be, in contact with a subject matter expert via text, at the touch of a button.



MedCity NewsMedCityNews is the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare, offering insight into what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups and established industry leaders, personalities, policies and the most important deals.



InvisAlert Solutions Uses a wearable device to help care providers monitor patients in institutional settings, improving compliance.

Grand Round Table^- Emails primary care providers a daily summary about their scheduled patient follow-ups so they can better manage high-risk patients, keeping them out of the hospital.

GraphWear Technologies^- Developed the first grapheme patch which measures dehydration, glucose and lactic acid, all from your seat.

Oncora Medical  - They have a tool for planning personalized cancer radiotherapy, reduces the incidence of toxic radiation side effects in patients and improves cancer center efficiency.

The One Health Company - They help to enroll ill pets in trials of cutting-edge therapies, improving their wellness and helping to develop new therapies for human medicine.

Tissue Analytics - They transform the smartphone into a platform for evaluating and measuring things like chronic wounds, burns and skin conditions.



* Drexel Spinouts

^ DreamIT Graduate

< Global Soft Landing company


ic@3401 Team

Eamon Gallagher - Program Director 

Kristin Hart - Manager, Incubator Operations


Oversight Committee

Christopher Laing - Vice President, Science & Technology, University City Science Center

Shintaro Kaido - Director, Drexel Ventures, Drexel University


Selected alumni

Scholly - Scholly helps students afford college through advance scholarship matching technology. 

WhoseYourLandord^- WhoseYourLandlord is a web app enabling renters to find their next home and to review their landlords and housing complexes

ROAR for Good^ - Their mission is to help reduce the incidence of attacks against women and address the underlying causes of violence.

Practice.xyz -  Practice's patented learning methodology and interactive video platform help your team build competence and confidence so your organization can thrive.

PadPorter - Pad Porter coordinates your move so that you love your new home faster.

Noble.MD - Offers THEO, an interactive digital health advisor used by doctors and nurses at the point of care to change patient behaviors.

HealthNext (Acquired by HealthRight) - HealthNEXT guides companies to an enduring "culture of health” that improves the health of their workforce, decreases their health care cost trend, and creates a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Kite Medical < - Kite Medical has developed a novel device for detecting kidney reflux in children with urinary tract infections. The non-invasive diagnostic solution for kidney reflux removes the need for complicated procedures and a hospital visit. Funded, in part, through Enterprise Ireland.  

ColdLight (acquired by PTC) - Automates the analysis of data from IoT devices to identify and address failure patterns and correlations with prioritized solutions based on cost analyses.  


Digital Health Accelerator Alumni

BioMeme - End-to-end mobile platform allowing anyone, anywhere to test DNA and RNA using lab-grade molecular techniques.

Fever Smart - Monitors infant body temperature and transmits real-time data through a nano-bluetooth chip to their mobile app. 

GraphWear Technologies^- A smart sweatpatch that detects important biometric data in real-time to help you achieve the perfect workout.

InvisAlert Solutions  Developed ObservSMART, a communication technology that dramatically improves patient safety in psychiatric and emergency room settings. 

Keosys (France) Full imaging CRO services and solutions for your clinical trials. 

Oncora Medical  - Personalized cancer radiotherapy, reducing the incidence of toxic radiation side effects in patients and improving efficiency. 

Tissue Analytics - Automatically evaluating and measuring chronic wounds, burns, and skin conditions.